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Ultrathin Carrying Sleeve Bag Case with Stand for Macbook Air - Black

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  • This Case Fit For Macbook Air 13 inch ONLY Meet your every expectation for a laptop case. -Superior synthetic leather smooth & soft, durable enough to withstand up-to ten thousands opening-closing without deformation, effectively prevent your device from friction, scrapes and other harmful factors. -Fibre inter-case is wear-resisting and scratch-free from your device. It can also disperse heat efficiently. -Ultra-strength magnetic latch securely hold the device in the place. Easy to open and close.

    Compatible with Macbook Air 13 inch

    Imported synthetic leather and poly-carbonate inner case offers softness, durability, scratch-resistant and a certain extent of waterproof

    Extra-strength latch automatically locks the macbook in the case and prevent it from slipping out

    Unique design helps heat-releasing, no over-heating and helps maintain your devices working performance

    9° stand comply with human engineering, making your typing or reading more convenient and comfortable